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    STOLEN. Our beloved Aphrodite has been stolen from Adreno and lost at sea. Please help us get her back!

    Security footage from the robbery


    CALLING ALL SCUBA DIVERS. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, has been stolen from Adreno and lost at sea between the Gneerings Shoal (Sunshine Coast) and Cook Island (Tweed Heads). We’re giving away over $7,000 of rewards if you can help us find Aphrodite.

    The hunt for Aphrodite will commence on September 2nd, 2017 and will end on October 29th, 2017. Each week of the hunt we'll be giving out clues to help get you closer to finding Aphrodite. Be sure to set Adreno Scuba Diving on Facebook to 'see first' so you don't miss any of the clues.


    Major Prize

    Find Aphrodite and you and your dive buddy will win an Oceanic scuba package EACH.

    Additional Prize

    By joining the hunt you'll automatically be entered into the draw to receive the Oceanic Pro Plus X Dive Computer.


    Get bonus entries!

    Post a photo of you on the hunt for Aphrodite to Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags #findingaphrodite and #adrenoscubadiving and you'll receive one bonus entry for each post!


    Dive Experience

    Although Aphrodite is in water that's shallow enough to be recovered by any PADI Open Water diver, recovery of Aphrodite should only be attempted by an experienced diver, or with the assistance of an experienced diver. The recovery should only be attempted on SCUBA, no freedivers should attempt to recover Aphrodite.

    Buddy Diving

    The use of the buddy diving system should always be used during any dive, but it's 100% essential whilst hunting for Aphrodite. When recovering an artefact there's an increased risk, so having a dive buddy on hand to help out of anything goes wrong is crucial.

    Be prepared, or try again later

    If you come across Aphrodite and you and your dive buddy aren't prepared to surface it with a lift bag or you're coming towards the end of your dive -you should not try to swim it to the surface or rush the recovery. You should mark the location on your GPS and come back and try again when you're prepared.

    Use a lift Bag

    All Aphrodite hunters should prepare for their dives with a lift bag as Aphrodite is about 25kg's and lifts shouldn't be attempted without a lift bag. We recommend using the Problue 50lb Lift Bag. 

    Recovery date

    If Aphrodite isn't found by the end of the hunt, it will be collected by October 31st.

    Must be registered

    All Aphrodite hunters must register online at before commencing their hunt. If the diver(s) who find Aphrodite haven't registered before commencing the hunt, they may be denied the winners prize.

    Return it to Adreno, undamaged.

    The diver(s) that find Aphrodite must return Aphrodite to Adreno Brisbane in one piece and undamaged. If Aphrodite is returned to the store with damage, the winners may be denied the winners prize.


    For the 8-week duration of the hunt, Adreno will release a hint each week leading you closer and closer to the resting place of Aphrodite. All registered entrants will receive the hint via email, but be sure the change Adreno Scuba Diving to 'see first' on Facebook as there may be additional hint via Facebook. Our hints will ensure that Aphrodite is found before the end of the hunt period.

    THE T&C'S

    The winning pair of divers will receive an Oceanic scuba diving package valued at $2,586 each. The scuba diving package cannot be exchanged or refunded for any other products, vouchers or store credits. The Additional prize winner will be drawn at random and the winner is entitled to an Oceanic Pro Plus X Dive Computer valued at $1,999. Upon registering for the hunt, each entrant will automatically receive one entry into the Additional Prize draw. You can gain extra entries to the Additional Prize when you post a photo of you hunting for Aphrodite to Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags #findingaphrodite and #adrenoscubadiving. Each post equals one additional entry. The additional prize can't be exchanged or refunded for any other products, vouchers or store credits. The winners will be announced on or around November 2nd. The Additional Prize winner will be contacted via email. All prize winners must have registered online before commencing the hunt for Aphrodite. If Aphrodite isn't found, it will be recovered by October 31st.