1. Can you learn to dive from a DVD?

Diving is such as physical sport you need professional tuition in order to learn the techniques involved and also how to use all of the equipment safely.  Although diving DVDs can give you tips and helpful advice you will not be able to learn from this medium alone.  You will need a licensed teacher so show you diving techniques and safety procedures.  For the first few dives you will also need to go out with other experienced divers just in case you get into trouble.

2. Are there any diving DVDs of Australian waters?

Australia offers diverse and fascinating fresh and salt waters for divers to explore.  This is a popular part of the world for diving so there are plenty of DVDs available of these beautiful waters.  This includes the Matt Haling DVD 'Ocean Visions', which can take you on a tour of all the world's oceans.

3. I am thinking about diving with sharks are there any DVDs about this I can watch?

 If you are interested in diving with sharks then you can some idea of what to expect by watching some of the great shark diving DVDs available.  There is also a lot of footage available of real life shark diving experiences on the Internet.

4. Can diving DVDs help me to choose new dive sights?

If you are having difficulties deciding where you should dive next then there are plenty of underwater diving DVDs that can show you glimpses of amazing and exotic dive sights all around the world.  This may help you to pick whole new areas you may never have even considered for your next diving trip.  To get started you could watch Matt Haling's DVD 'Ocean Visions' which is a good introduction to some of the best diving waters in world.

5. Are there any DVDs available for underwater photography tuition?

Underwater photography can be a very rewarding hobby.  However the equipment and techniques are very different from regular photography.  There are a few DVDs available which can provide helpful tuition for budding photographers keen to expand their range underwater.  This includes the popular Photoshop CS4 and CS5 tutorial Underwater Photographer DVDs/CDs.  These discs provide a comprehensive guide to underwater photography including HDR photography and colour correction methods.

6.  I want to do a diving rescue course are there any DVDs available to help me study?

Rescue skills are essential for all divers.  There are DVDs available for recognised courses such as PADI.  These can help you to prepare for your course in your spare time so that you are ready to go when you arrive.  PADI DVDs are available for different levels such as Open Water beginner and also divemaster and instructor.

7. I want to find out more about wreck diving are there any DVDs on this subject?

There are a few DVDs available on wreck diving.  As well as some interesting footage of real life wreck dives these can also contain more information about the wrecks themselves and how they came to be there.  If you are interested in Australian wrecks then Max Gleeson (one of Australia’s most experienced wreck divers) features in a series of wreck diving DVDs.  This includes 'Ghost Ships of the Coast Run' which studies then wrecks of the colliers the Woniora and the Birchgrove Park and also the passenger cargo steamer Bega.

8. Are there any DVDs available on Freediving?

Freediving is an intense physical sport and you can find out more by watching DVDs such as The Freediver starring Alki David and Camilla Rutherford.  Although this is a film it is based on a true story and provides plenty of information about the sport of freediving as a whole.