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    ADRENO Dive Bag FAQs


    Get organised for your next dive trip

    You will need to carry plenty of diving kit when you are on diving trips. From regulators through to air tanks there are lots of items you need to keep organised and safe as you travel. Dive bags have a lot more to offer divers than standard suitcases, rucksacks and holdalls. They are made from lightweight, waterproof materials that keep your kit dry. Dive bags also have plenty of handy pockets to keep everything organised. ADRENO Scuba Diving offers a great range of dive bags, simply browse through online to view more.


    Do I need a special dive bag for regulator and gauges?

    Regulator and gauges are delicate pieces of equipment. You can buy padded dive bags that are designed specifically for carrying this type of gear. This will make sure your instruments and regulator are protected during storage and transportation. As an additional precaution keep your regulator bag as hand luggage if you are travelling long distances for your dive. This will help to prevent it being knocked around in luggage compartments.


    What's a general all rounder gear bag?

    There are lots of really good rucksack and holdall style dive bags. These offer lots of space for storing away dive kit including fins, boots, gloves, dry clothing etc. If you have a lot of dive equipment then you may want to consider bags with integral wheeled sections. These enable you to wheel the bags when on flat surfaces which can save a lot of effort.


    What are the different types of dive bags?

    Traveling bag – a wheeled traveling bag has wheels and handle, and plenty of room. This is perfect if you are planning on traveling long distances with your dive equipment.

    Snorkelling Bags – snorkelling bags are great for keeping your snorkelling set together. Whether it is just a mask and snorkel, or a small pair of fins as well, ADRENO Scuba Diving has a range of bags that would suit snorkelling equipment, making it easy to transport and keep your snorkelling equipment organised.

    Fin Bags – fin bags are great to keep your expensive fins protected, or to store your small snorkelling pack and fins in.

    Mask Bags – mask bags are great to protect your mask. It is important to protect your mask from scratches to ensure that you are always getting optimal vision underwater.

    Dry Bags – dry bags are very useful for spearfishing, scuba diving, snorkelling etc, whether you are on a boat or from the shore, as the dry bag will always keep your valuables dry and safe.


    How should I care for my dive bag?

    After use, you should ensure that your dive bag or thoroughly rinsed with fresh water to make sure all salt residue is removed. This helps slow the onset of rust and any other type of salt damage that may happen. To prolong the life of your scuba diving gear bag simply use ADRENO's Wetsuit Wash to help remove any salt left on the gear bag.


    What are dry bags and dry boxes used for?

    Dry bags are fantastic for storing things that you do not want to get wet. For example; when you are out on your dive trip when you change into your wetsuit it is handy to put your towel and clothes into a dry bag to help keep them dry for when you want to put them on later. Dry Boxes are generally used for valuables such as keys, camera's, mobile phone etc. Even if the box is dropped into the water the idea is that the items inside will never get water logged.


    What is a lift bag used for?

    If you are looking to lift something heavy from the ocean floor then this is where a 'lift bag' comes into its own. The most common uses for Scuba Diving Lift Bags are for commercial divers recovering wrecks and or hunting scallops etc.


    What are tank carriers?

    Tank carriers are exactly as they say. Scuba diving tanks are heavy and difficult to transport from or to places. Tank carriers are useful to help make transporting scuba tanks quickly and easily.


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