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    Micronesia Travel Tips

    Entry & Visa Requirements (subject to change)
    IF your stay in Guam is less than 15 days, your stay in FSM less than 30 days and Palau less than 90 days then Australian passport holders do not need to obtain a visa. US immigration recommends you log onto ESTA the immigration website and complete an online application form (

    Medical & Health Requirements
    There are no serious health risks in Micronesia, however we do recommend to keep your skin protected, and beware of medication that could make you extra sun sensitive. Also, there are recompression chambers in Guam, Palau, Chuuk, Yap and Pohnpei.

    Guam and Micronesia operate on the US dollar. Most international credit cards are accepted throughout Micronesia.

    Duty Free
    Guam and Palau allow 200 cigarettes and 1.136 litres of alcohol. The allowance in FSM is 600 cigarettes and 2 litres of alcohol. However do remember that if you are in transit in Guam you are not permitted to carry duty free items to the outer islands.

    Average temperatures in Micronesia reach 27 degrees with the lowest amount of rain occurring between January to March.

    Swimwear is discouraged around the public areas of the hotel. Light cotton clothing is best for these tropical temperatures, and is best to prevent mosquito bites, and sun damage.

    Same plug as the USA 110-120 volts Plug A and B

    Australian dollar travellers cheques are strongly advised again as it can be difficult cashing them in. The opening hours of most banks are 8am to 12 pm and then an hours break for siesta and 1pm to 5pm weekdays, and closed on weekends.

    Micronesia is predominantly English speaking due to the US influence, however there are indigenous people who speak a native language and the older population of the island are more than likely fluent in Japanese. 

    The dominant religion is Roman Catholic however there are traditional ceremonies and customs depending on what island you go to.

    It is advised to always drink bottled water; however it is fairly safe to drink the water provided to you by major hotels and resorts. We recommend drinking as much water as possible to avoid dehydration.

    In following the US custom, tipping is apart of the Micronesian culture especially in hospitality where tipping in restaurants, hotels and the baggage porter is considered the norm. However in FSM tipping is discouraged and not expected.

    Micronesia is a haven for divers therefore many of the tourists in this part of the world are here to snorkel or scuba dive. The flora and fauna of Micronesia make this destination of the worlds leading. The temperature of the water averages around 29 degrees, so a 3mm suit is recommended. In Chuuk, you will need to purchase a diving permit which costs USD30, Palau charges a small fee to help their conservation program and Koror state, Rock island and jellyfish lake permit is valid for 10 days and costs 30 dollars. One of the many dive operators will supply you with tanks, and weight belts however if extra equipment is needed, you will expect to pay a fee.

    Departure Tax
    This varies depending on what island you are on. In Chuuk it is USD20, Palau is USD35, and Kosrae and Pohnpei is USD17. No departure tax is required for Guam and Yap.